Black Fungus – Symptoms and Treatment

Black Fungus – Symptoms and Treatment

Covid-19 or Coronavirus took over the world in the year 2020. Millions and billions of people lost their lives on the planet to the deadly virus, while the people struggled to find an effective cure for the disease. Nationwide lockdowns and online modes of work and study have been our normal way of living for the past year and more. But the one good thing that remained throughout the virus period is the hope for saving humanity and lives. However, just when we thought we could finally win over the virus, the condition of black fungus popped up in the country.

Since the beginning of 2021, India has been reporting cases of black fungus in the common people of the country. Doctors around the country were shocked at the emergence of the condition when it started, and later expressed concern for the people. And while the situations seem to be very adverse for human beings all around, the least we can do is educate ourselves about the fungus, its symptoms and treatment.

What is Black Fungus?

The other name or the medical term used to define the Black Fungus is Mucormycosis. The condition is typically being seen among people who got infected by Covid-19 at some point of time. The most feasible explanation about the causes of the fungus among people is that the treatment of Coronavirus is leaving the humans’ immunity system weak and prone to other conditions such as the Black Fungus.

It is essentially a fungal infection, seen in the bodies of the people. The fungus is observed to be attacking people who have other medical conditions too such as HIV/AIDS, high or low blood sugar conditions, and mellitus cancer. The good thing about the fungus is that it is not contagious. However, for the patient, it can become quite deadly quite soon. 

So what are the symptoms of Black Fungus? Read on to find out.

What are the symptoms of Black Fungus?

The detection of any disease in its early stage makes it much easier to cure. The same goes for Black Fungus as well. Hence, look out for these symptoms in yourself and/or people you may know, and consult a doctor immediately if you happen to have the tiniest bit of doubt.

However, before we delve deeper into the symptoms of the fungus, it is essential to understand the fungus is most likely to affect people who got infected by Coronavirus at some point. Hence, if you never got infected by the virus and are noticing any of the symptoms below, it might not be black fungus, but some other cause. In any case, if you notice any of these symptoms, do contact your doctor to be sure.

  • Common systems such as runny nose or blocked nose
  • Swelling and/or pain in the eyes
  • Loss of eyelid and blurry vision
  • Dark spots around the nose
  • Discomfort in jaw with loosening of teeth
  • Loss of eyesight in extreme cases.
  • Swelling and pain in the cheek bone or one side of the face
  • Chest pain and respiratory problems

The above mentioned symptoms have been reported by the patients who got infected by the virus, and later developed the fungus. 

Now if the fungus is considered so deadly, what is its treatment? Read on to find how to cure the Black Fungus.

How to treat Black Fungus?

For the treatment of the fungus, the most important fact to remember is that you need to go to the doctor as soon as you start seeing the first symptoms of the fungus. The doctors have reported that the early stages of the fungus can be cured. However, if it is detected very late, the fungus can prove to be lethal as well. Hence, early detection is the key to treatment of the fungus.

Another treatment that has worked wonders against the fungus is antifungals. However, they should be given to the patient well in time for the antifungal to work. Also, the patients who recovered from Covid-19 must maintain a stable blood sugar level to avoid the fungus.


Staying at home and maintaining minimum contact with the outside world seems like the only feasible precaution at the moment. The situation is disheartening for sure, but we can all hope for better days ahead, and help the doctors of the country in minimizing the number of cases by maintaining the protective measures. As human beings, it is time for people to come together by spirit and fight the disease.

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