How to get BH(Bharat) registration Number for your car

In 2021, the central government of India launched the BH series number plate for cars. It is very helpful to remove the hassle of re-registering a vehicle every time when you moves to a new state. In this article we will explain how to get BH Number Series in India, Eligibility and Tax Structure.

Bharat (BH) Series Number Structure

Normal number look like – HR 26 AA 1008

Normal plates First two letter state code , second two digits RTO area code , two random letter and last 4 random number. You can get last 4 number according to your choice by pay more.

BH series number plate looks like – 22 BH 1008 AA

First two numbers signify the year of registration, second two letter BH for Bharat. And 4 random number, last two random letter excluding ā€˜Iā€™ and ā€˜Oā€™.

Who are Eligible For Bharat Series Number Plate

Only Government and Private sector employees are Eligible for Bharat Series Number with these conditions

  1. Government employees – copy of official id card
  2. Employees of Private sector with offices in four or more state/UT – Working certificate in Form 60
  3. Ownership type – Individual purchasing New Non- transport vehicle only

How To Get Bharat Series Number

If you are eligible for Bharat series number. You need to submit copy of official id card or Working certificate in Form 60. These are the simple process to get BH number :-

  1. At the time of purchasing the New vehicle, the dealer will fillup the online application Form-20 on Vahan portal on behalf of owner
  2. Selection of Series Type- Dealer needs to select the series type as Bharat Series
  3. Dealer will upload the Working Certificate (Form-60)/ Official Id-Card along with other documents
  4. Approval for the BH-series application to be done by the RTO
  5. Pay online required Fee/ MV Tax (Initial for 2 Years)

After the above steps are completed, Post approval, the Vahan 4 will generate BH series number randomly in currently running all India series.

Subsequently the vehicle owner have to pay 2-2 years MV tax till the vehicle age of 14 years from the date of first registration and after 14 years the MV tax shall be paid annually online. For more details please refer the Gazetted Notification G.S.R. 594(E) dated 26. Aug 2021

Road Tax Slabs for BH Series Number Plate

RTO Tax levied by the State or Union Territories at the time of registration. BH series vehicles registration fee shall be calculated as below :-

SNOInvoice Price(Rs)Petrol/CNG Vehicles
(% of Invoice Price)
 Electric VehiclesDiesel Vehicles
1Below 10 lakh8%6%10%
210-20 lakh10%8%12%
3Above 20 lakh12%10%14%

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