Health Benefits of Banana and Nutrition Facts

Everyone in your life you have eat bananas. First question are bananas good for you? Yes! Bananas are good for your health. Because bananas are tasty and a source of some important nutrients and may benefit weight loss, digestion, and heart health.

You can eat raw bananas or make your favorite dishes like banana shakes, banana bread, banana chips and butter-banana sandwich.

Nutritional facts about banana

Bananas are also a good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, magnesium, biotin and copper. There is over 400mg potassium in a single medium-size banana.

A single large banana contains (%RDA)

  • Vitamin B6 (38%) – For healthy blood, brain and nervous system function
  • Manganese (16%) – Helps regulate blood sugar
  • Copper (12%) – Helps transport iron into red blood cells preventing anemia
  • Magnesium (9%) – Maintains bone and enables energy production
  • Potassium (10%) – Maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Vitamin C (13%) – Powerful antioxidant

Amazing Benefits of Banana

1. Help Quit Smoking

Bananas contains B Vitamins and other minerals that lesson the effects of nicotine withdrawal both physically and psychologically.

2. Increase Brain Power

Potassium packed fruits helps learning because it makes the pupils more alert. Students find that they have more brain power and do better on exam when they eat bananas at breakfast and lunch.

3. Energy

Banana is an instant energy booster. Bananas supply proper carbohydrates that are useful to increase stamina and energy. It can be a great work snack. They are a good choice for weight loss too.

4. Protect Heart Health

Rich fiber bananas can lower the risk of both cardiovascular diseases and coronary heart diseases. Bananas help the body circulatory system deliver fresh oxygen to brain, helps maintain regular heartbeat and proper water balance. Vitamin B6 regulate blood glucose level and helps us in time of stress.

5. Eye Vision

A study has found that a banana is likely to boost eye health and prevent vision-related diseases.

6. Keep Kidney Healthy

Bananas contain potassium, which helps for healthy Kidney functions.

7. Cancer Killer

Bananas can also decrease the risk of cancer. In fact the browner a banana, the stronger they are to fight abnormal cell that can cause cancer. Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) a cytokine that helps prevents the growth and spread of tumor cell and triggers apoptosis (cell death).

NOTE: The brown spot on a banana do not means it is going bad. It just means it is become sweeter while the vitamins and antioxidant within them are becoming more potent.

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